Scott Streadbeck

Scott was raised by a family involved with sculpture. His father not only owns a bronze foundry but also manages the work of his uncle’s sculpture career. Visiting the foundry often and attending many arts shows and Museums sparked Scott’s interest in the arts. At a young age Scott showed an aptitude in many artistic avenues: drawing, painting, wood working, photography and sculpture.

Exposure to sculpture and bronze casting came early in Scott’s life when his father and two uncles opened a bronze casting foundry.  Scott’s Uncle Steve was a sculptor, and he loved visiting the foundry to watch him work. Scott’s father was Steve’s art agent, and it became a family tradition to go along with them to art shows where Scott was fascinated to see the artists and the great variety of their work.

The bronze foundry itself has had a tremendous influence on Scott. His first glimpse of the glowing furnace and its overwhelming heat are still vivid in his mind. Scott still remembers the exhilaration of watching the molten bronze being poured into ceramic shells. He loved watching all parts of the casting process, but most appreciated the privilege of entering the large room set aside for artists to work on monumental clay sculptures.  For Scott, it was always a joy to see their work at different stages of progression.  He remembers watching one sculptor, Dennis Smith, as he was working on a large monument to be placed in Japan.  He took time to answer Scott’s questions and, even as a young boy, Scott knew he felt strongly about his work.  There was nothing else he would rather do than be an artist — a feeling that Scott would gradually know for himself.

Growing up, Scott’s favorite subjects were all art-related.  Drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and woodshop all brought a great sense of fulfillment for him.  He enjoyed creating with his hands — giving things form and spirit. It was after his very first sculpture class that Scott knew he had discovered his future career. Scott went on to complete my BA in Visual Arts at Brigham Young University. in 2003 and has been part of Main Street Art since graduation. His work has developed rapidly, and he has received many commissions and awards already early in his career.

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