Higley Knight Small Bronze

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We continue to work on the Higley High School bronze project. We recently finished the small 18 inch bronze maquette. We are excited to continue working on getting the 10 foot tall version completed.

Happy Holidays!

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We here at Main Street Art would like to wish everyone out there a very Happy Holidays! We hope that you’re all able to enjoy this wonderful time of year! From all of us to you, have a wonderful end to 2014 and a great start to 2015!

Newly completed in 28″ size ‘Last Ball’ by Dennis Smith

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Dennis Smith has finished a new version of his ‘Last Ball’ piece. Previously this wonderful piece was available in Life Size and in a small ten inch. The new size is a twenty eight inch tall format that is much more suited to being a prominent indoor feature.

Dennis had this to say about the setting for the piece: “Disaster has stricken. The last ball has arced wide and dropped into the pond. Two boys take on almost Norman Rockwellian poses of desperation as the reach into the watery abyss. Unless successful in retrieving it, this last ball will doom them to an unfinished game and a gloomy trip home.”

New piece ‘Close to Heaven’ by Scott Streadbeck

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As parents we love to cuddle our children.  It provides them with the love and comfort they need.  Yet, I wonder if we don’t get as much or more out of these embraces as they do.  The moments we share in a family embrace are some of the most secure and peaceful feelings we have in this life.  These are meant to be cherished.  When we cuddle an infant child we often have the feeling as if we are indeed close to Heaven.

The piece is available in both bronze as well as in a white Marble Cast.  A Life Size version will be available soon.

Sister Sites now Available

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Here at Main Street Art we’re happy to announce the newly updated and improved sister sites for our Artists. We’re dedicated to offering high quality and diverse options in Fine Art.

Dennis Smith Showing Four Pieces at the LDS Museum of Art

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Our own Dennis Smith is one of the featured artists currently being displayed at The LDS Museum of Art, in downtown Salt Lake City. Dennis is showing four pieces in the “Seek My Face”Art Exhibit that runs through the end of June 2011.

“The exhibit features twenty-nine American professional artists, all from various backgrounds, but sharing a common religious orientation. All the artists have been invited to create exemplary visual art based on gospel themes-especially of The Lord Jesus Christ. With sincerity and dedication, skilled painters and sculptors have expressed stories from the Bible and The Book of Mormon in new, original pictures. These new and contemporary works share insight into subjects that depict the life and teachings of the Savior.

The artists have all made great efforts to creatively express gospel principles, uniting their testimony and knowledge of the subject, together with artistic gifts. The thoughtful works stem from a project organized by Artist Guild International LLC. Many of the artists have participated in this project to express their testimonies of gospel principles.

The exhibit will be on display in the Church History Museum from March 1 through June 2011”

Garden Design Magazine

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Scott has an ad in the Garden Design online magazine. We also did an ad for Dennis Smith as well. The ads can be found here. Scott’s ad is on the very last page and Dennis’ is a couple of pages before that. Garden Design is a great magazine and we are excited to have our ads there.

Marble Casts

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We now are offering Marble Casts on a few selected works. The photo is of Scott’s piece “Reflection” cast in the marble. The piece takes on a whole new look. Prices for marble casts are 1/4 the cost of bronze.  Contact us to find out which pieces are available in marble.

Website Launch

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We are excited to have our new website up and running. We hope to have the website finished by the beginning of August. We appreciate your patience.


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